Celebrating a stroke of genius 13 years ago

By Brian Vassou Feb 24, 2020

Once upon a time, wipers did the bare minimum. They’d scrape along windscreens, shudder under thumping rain, and smear their way through your line of sight. And that was after you’d spent an age browsing the racks of your local auto superstore, guessing blindly at the dimensions your vehicle required.

It sounds like every driver’s nightmare. And trust us; it was. At least, until thirteen years ago.

See, in 2009, our Managing Director decided enough was enough. Enough complexity. Enough crappy quality. Enough dealership rorts. Vijay believed that when it came to clarity on the road, Aussie drivers deserved more.

And that was the moment Wipertech was born – a much-needed stroke of genius, if we do say so ourselves.

13 years strong

What began as a vision for a more straightforward solution quickly grew into an eBay store.

A place where drivers like you could search wipers by make and model instead of obscure measurements. And not just any old wipers. Blades made from high-quality natural rubber, coated with graphite and Teflon for flawless performance. Better yet, blades you could install yourself in minutes.

Unsurprisingly, these wipers were walking out the door. So many customers were wiped off their feet by the quality of our blades and the simplicity of shopping for them that we were forced to upgrade our warehouse, just to meet demand. Not long after, that demand started coming from across the Tasman, which was when Wipertech hit New Zealand shores. Flash forward a few years later to 2019, and we made our millionth sale.

Now, 13 years after Vijay’s stroke of genius, we’ve got a lot of things to celebrate. Namely, a business we love selling wipers drivers adore.

But here are a few more.

1.5 million wiper blades sold

That’s right. We clicked over one million in ten years, and we’ve done another half in the three years that followed. That’s because the good word about our great blades is spreading.

One grateful team

Behind our brand is a team of people who really give a damn about making your life on the road easier. That’s why driving with Wipertech means no dramas. So, on behalf of all of us, thank you for being a part of our 13-year journey.

20,000k+ 5 -Star reviews!

That’s tens of thousands of drivers hitting the road with Wipertech on their windscreen. They love us for the simple fact that we deliver on our promise of providing the best wiper blades money can buy. But why take our word for it when you could just read their 5-star reviews?

Here are some!

“I had difficulties sourcing the correct set of wiper blades from other retail auto shops. Wipertech quickly and easily resolved the matter and quickly dispatched the correct set of blades”
Ian Moore, Cronulla NSW (VW Jetta)

And people liked using Wipertech…

“So easy to navigate the site and buy. As close to a perfect purchase experience I’ve had.”
Nigel Rae, Collingwood VIC (Toyota Corolla)

In fact, people really really liked it…

“'Best Wipers on the market!! I've been behind the wheel for some 43 years, and I can categorically say that I have NEVER had better performance from any other wiper that I've had on my vehicles!! Simply brilliant performance! Great value, and great service from Wipertech thru the purchase..delivery time..and ease of installation”
Paul Bell, Birkdale QLD (Audi A6)

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Consider it a thank-you gift from us.

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Posted by Brian Vassou Feb 24, 2020
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