Wipertech Bloody Good Sale!

As a New Zealand driver, ya know that the weather here is as mad as a cut snake.

It can be bone dry one minute and raining cats and dogs the next!

How's a bloke or sheila supposed to tackle the road in those conditions??

👉 With Wipertech wiper blades, that's how. 👈

Wipers so snazzy and reliable, they'll make ya mates yell, "Bloody oath these blades are bonza!"

The same humble hard-working blades that have navigated Kiwis through bonkers storms for years. Getting them from A to B in time to light the barbie.

💪 They're tough as nails

👍 Easy as to install

👌 And last longer than a tom sauce stain on ya favourite bluey

You'd be a drongo not to slap a pair on your own steed.

Go on, get yaself some bloody good blades this Bloody Good Sale.

⏰ Expires midnight January 24 (24/01/2022).

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❇️ We'll even send ya a super simple video showing ya how to install 'em.

HURRY – this bloody good deal won't last forever.

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1-Year Warranty
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