Wiper Care

How to get the most out of your wipers

  • Always follow the instruction videos provided on our website. Ensure the wiper arms on your vehicle are in good condition before you install them.

  • The purpose of your wiper blades is to effectively remove water from your windscreen, not to clean it. Dirt, grease and grime can quickly lead to a poor and noisy wipe. Also, bird droppings and tree sap can rapidly destroy the rubber blade.

  • Clean your windscreen on a regular basis to ensure high performance in all situations. Protect your investment - Keep it clean.

  • Avoid using your wiper blades on a dry windscreen as this can prematurely wear out the rubber blade. Make sure your windscreen wiper fluid reservoir is always topped up. Running the system when empty can damage the pump which can be expensive to fix. We recommend using clean water.

How often should you change your wipers?

You should replace your wipers at least once a year. Australian conditions expose your car to high levels of UV and heat, and if you use your wipers a lot you need to change them regularly.

It’s time to replace your wiper blades if they are:

  • streaking
  • juddering
  • making unusual noises
  • leaving areas of your windscreen unwiped.

Did you know?

  • Studies show that 90% of all driving decisions are based on visual cues.

  • During the typical life of wiper blades they will wipe an area equivalent to 15 times the area of the MCG or up to 1.5 million wipes.

  • There is a 12% increase in traffic accidents during wet weather.

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