Wipertech Boxing Day Sale!

There's nothing quite like jumping in the car at the drop of a hat, filling your holidays with impromptu road trips and last-minute getaways.

Now, with the stress of Christmas behind you, what's stopping you from embracing all of the adventures ahead?

Bad blades – they're what's keeping you boxed in.

The kind that slowly deteriorate to the point where you don't even know your vision is blurred or that your driving is distracted.

But you WILL notice the difference new blades make. Because nothing is as refreshing as clear vision and total confidence on the road.

See, when you upgrade to high performance wiper blades that:

  • Look sleeker
  • Fit better
  • Last longer

You're ensuring there's nothing but open road ahead of you.

That's because Wipertech wiper blades are your ticket to freedom in 2022. And you'll be able to get behind the wheel without a care in the world as soon as you pull these beauties from the box.

Now is the time to order yours.

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Offer Expires midnight December 30 (30/12/2021).

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We'll even send you a super simple video showing you how to install your superior wipers.

HURRY – this Boxing day sale won't last forever...

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