Wipertech Winter Sale!

Do your parents keep telling you to ‘get prepped’ for winter? Are colleagues constantly mentioning the imminent ‘cold snap’? Got kids who keep complaining that ‘winter is coming’?

Forget all of that.

There’s only one thing you should be concerned about coming into winter...

🤑 And that’s bracing yourself for Wipertech’s BIG sale! 🤑

Now is the time to cash in on cool prices and swipe a pair of the best wipers money can buy.

Blades that are:

✅ Sleek
✅ Smooth
✅ Silent
✅ Easy to install

And will allow you to cruise into the cooler months without a worry in the world.

❗️Noticing some smearing, squeaking or skipping on your windshield? That’s a red hot sign your wipers need upgrading. Even the NRMA recommends switching them every 12 months.

This winter, keep your cool and replace your blades while our BIG sale is still on.

⏰ Expires midnight May 23 (23/05/2022).

❗️Imagine being the one to miss out...

❇️ We'll even send you a super simple video showing you how to install them.

⏳ HURRY – don’t get snowed under in regret...

Fast Free Delivery
1.5+ Million Wiper Blades Sold
1-Year Warranty
Perfect fit, Guaranteed